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About me

My name is Raven Elisabeth Deverux.

I am a graduate student studying sociology and raising a young son. Originally from the SF Bay Area, I recently moved to Los Angeles for school. Art runs in the family in several directions and this site and shop is a new vehicle for sharing my work.  I've been creating jewelry and accessories among other things since I was a child. I returned to jewelry making after a tragic loss and this is where it has led. Intention is key to my process as jewelry is worn so close to your body and the energy it carries matters.


I am so excited to share my work with you all. Thank you for your interest! 




I loved everything about my earrings! The shipping: FAST. The packaging: SO CUTE. Every little detail was thoughtful-the little confetti, the paper. Just perfect if you're looking to send a gift to your lovely ladies. Finally...the earrings. Just gorgeous. I will definitely wear them every time I teach about legal and/or cultural hegemony 🥰


The product is what I love best, because my earrings are so beautiful and the attention to detail is perfect, but I also really enjoy the packaging! It’s hella cute.


Okay y'all first of all I am NOT  jewelry type woman BUT with Ravens artwork and custom designs it makes it hard not to buy such amazing artwork!!!!

Strawberry Illustration
Strawberry Illustration
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