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 Social Theory Meets Wearable Art

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That Badd Scholar: Ida B. Wells Barnett

A formative figure in the field of sociology, though seldom recognized. A fierce advocate for racial and gender equity the value of education was instilled by her parents who saw it as a means of mobility.  The yellow fever took her parents and sibling, so she stepped up to raise her 5 siblings. Working as a teacher she put herself through college. She was expelled just 2 years into her program after a dispute with the college president[1].


Nonetheless, Ida B. Wells-Barnett would go on to become a journalist, a publisher, suffragist, activist and sociologist. Eventually becoming motivated to analyze the terrorism of lynching committed by white Americans, she drew ties between these public acts of violence and economic insecurity. She was active and present in Niagra Falls for the founding of the Nation Association of Colored People (NAACP) her name is not mentioned as being an official founder. This was not the first, or last, time that her work was overlooked.


This short bio is not meant to speak to the breadth of her work but to encourage others to seek out for themselves the real history of Badd Scholars that defy the norm to radically transform the injustices they see.


[1] Black, Patti C. (2000). “Ida B. Wells: A Courageous Voice for Civil Rights | Mississippi History Now.” Retrieved November 22, 2020 (

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Proceeds Benefit That Badd Scholar Project


All pieces with scholars and/or activist depicted will benefit the emergency fund for students of color at UCLA. All other pieces will benefit the project organization efforts. 

In Loving Memory of Sylvia Bracamonte

This collection represents the joining of my works the most.

My activism, my art and my scholarship. I wasn't sure how this would every come together. I'm not sure it would have without Sylvia. I remember sharing my fears of being able to do it and she told me I would. For each item purchased from this line 20% of your pretax dollars will be placed in a fund for the That Badd Scholar public sociology project. 

 Here we go! We got this!

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Strawberry Illustration
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